Bubbles for Bridget

I said, “Tell me what to write about.”
To which Bridget replied, “Write about bubbles.”

So I flicked my screen over to my dictionary app and looked up the word bubble.

Turns out, I really like the word bubble.

We all know what a bubble is: a sphere of liquid containing gas. Bubbles float. If you let butane gas run slowly into soapy water, the bubbles will cling together and try to float toward the ceiling. You can light those bubbles on fire. Butane bubbles are sweet.

Yo Gabba Gabba made a song about bubbles. They were cartoony and they sang a song to Brobee about how they just love to be popped. That kinda struck me as morbid, but it was at least a catchy tune.

Also, the word “globular” is used to describe a bubble. Globular is a pretty interesting word that I probably never would have had the pleasure of encountering if it wasn’t for Bridget. So thanks, Briggie.

A bubble can also be abstract, a delusion lacking substance or a sudden temporary change from the norm. I would call the hippie movement a bubble. Some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met are bubbles. Slightly earthen bubbles full of pot smoke.

Bubble wrap was even mentioned in the definition. Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? I mean, come on.


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