Flash Fiction: And, We Fall

Prompt from L. S. Engler.

This is it, this is the end of the world.

Where the ground drops off into the vast eternity of stars.

Steps stretch out before me.  They seem to have gone on for miles.  Probably they did.  At the end of it all, he’s waiting for me.

I continue on, a surge of adrenaline pushing me forward like a second wind.  I know things will change once I reach the end of the path.  For better or worse, my life will not be the same.  I will reach the end, I will look out into the vast abyss containing nothing and everything, and I will take one more step.

“You’ve taken long enough.”

I smile.  He shines a light down the path.

“Just a little further.  It’s almost done.  Just a few more steps.”

So I press on, toward my fate.  Ready to meet it, to jump in feet first.

People have searched for this place their entire lives.  The end of the world.  The end of life as we know it.  We have found it.  After years of searching, we have found it.

But there is no fanfare when I take his hand.  No awards are given for our tenacity in the name of discovery.  We will not be in history books.  Nobody will even know what we accomplished.

I kiss him, turn my body into his and get caught up in his embrace.  We lean to the side, a feeling of vertigo taking over.

And, we fall.


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