To You, My Constant Reader

Little do you know the power you have over me.

As a new writer in the technology age, or rather a writer who’s just now sharing her work with the world, getting my work out to new audiences is important.

If you like what you read here, do me a favor and take a few moments to share my blog on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the corresponding share buttons at the end of every post.

Think of it as philanthropy.  At the expense of only a few calories, you can help a struggling writer like myself take another wee baby step down the path toward success.

And if you’re new to TMD, here’s a list of some older posts to get you started on your reading journey to fandom:


So I had, like, no ideas.  And then all of the sudden I had one.
and Brittle Bullet (part one)

love and imperfection

Writer’s Block: Write or Die

A Word on Love


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